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DSCN1032Many of our students choose to stay with a host family whilst they study Spanish at International House Valladolid. They enjoy their own room, somewhere to study and all meals provided – not forgetting all that invaluable Spanish practice they get with their host family!

Speaking to Mauri, one of our accommodation providers, she said she treats students just like one of the family. She loves meeting visitors from abroad and can empathise with their situation as her own children currently live in France.

Yogesh, one of our recent Indian students, really enjoyed his experience of living in a Spanish home. He can be seen here enjoying a social evening in a bar with his host.

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DSCN0889Many of our students come to Valladolid because it is a great base to explore other famous Spanish towns and cities. Madrid, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Leon and Burgos are all within easy travelling distance with excellent bus and train links from Valladolid.

Yogesh, one of our many Indian students, has been making the most of his time and planning excursions to different places every weekend. He kindly shared some of his photos with usDSCN1224

Yogesh hopes to become a Spanish teacher in the future and we are glad his time at International House will help him to achieve his ambition.
DSCN1247 If, like Yogesh, you would like to learn Spanish in Valladolid at International House, contact us at and we´ll send you more information.

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DSCN1188Normally most students on our intensive Spanish courses take their classes in the morning. After lunch, many will then want the opportunity to practice the Spanish they learnt in class.

The school encourages students to get out and about and explore both the city and the region, using their Spanish to buy bus and train tickets, go shopping, visit museums and even meet local people in bars and clubs.

The school has a notice board full of ideas for excursions and information about forthcoming events and regular local activities. We provide full information including when things are open, on which days, how much you´ll have to pay to get there, the timetables of trains and buses and even what the local specialties are to eat for lunch! We have information on where to eat the best tapas or which are the most lively bars and clubs for dancing, having fun and meeting people.

Whether you prefer a night at the theatre or a night on the town –we can help you to make the most of your time in Valladolid.

For more information on Spanish courses at International House Valladolid & Santander contact us at

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15ed8Us: So, what do you think of Valladolid?
Masha: I love it. It´s the perfect size, not too big or too small. It has absolutely everything you could want: theatres, museums, cinemas, lots of restaurants and bars, terrace cafés and night life. It´s also a very historic city with a lot of character. Something that is very important to me is to feel safe when I go out at night. Valladolid has a great atmosphere and I never feel concerned about my safety as I would in a big capital city..
Us: So, when will we see you again in Valladolid?
Masha: I plan to finish my next film in time for the 2011 festival. It usually takes me 2 years to make my films..
Us: Good luck with the project and see you in 2011!

If, like Masha, you want to come and learn Spanish in Valladolid contact us at and we will send you further information on our courses, dates and fees.

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DSCN1472Us: So, after an intensive week of classes do you think you will have enough Spanish for your next film project?

Masha: I feel far more confident now. Every day I have seen an improvement. The classes have been great and because I´m studying in Spain, I go straight out into the city and make an effort to practice the new things I´ve learnt. I´m really starting to understand the films in Spanish too, that was a real achievement.

Us: So what have you enjoyed about the classes here?

Masha: I have really benefitted from the way the teachers encourage you to speak in Spanish. I enjoy the small class size, you can´t hide the way you can in a class of 20 students! I just love being completely immersed in Spanish: hearing it, speaking it, reading it.

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Semincity_pequeUs: Masha, how have you found this year´s Film Festival?

Masha: Things have been different this year because I have been combining Spanish classes at International House with the film screenings. I always aim to see at least 2 -3 films every day. It has been a challenge to attend my classes, see films, go back to the hotel to do my homework for the next day then shoot off to see to another film. I watch films until about midnight then I´m up the next day for a 9.30 Spanish class!

Us: How have you managed all that?

Masha: Lots of coffee!

Us: So why are you learning Spanish this year?

Masha: Well, my next film will be set in Spain, in a village, and I need to undertake some research for it because it focuses on the period around 1936. For my film to work, I need to be able to communicate with the people I meet in the area where I´m filming. I need to explain what I´m doing, build up trust and form relationships with people. I can´t do that effectively if I can´t speak any Spanish. I expect I´ll also have to write a few simple emails in Spanish too.

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DSCN1472During the last week of October 2009, International House Valladolid welcomed Russian-born film director Masha Novikova into the academy.

Masha, a prize-winning veteran of the Valladolid International Film Festival (or “Seminci” as it is known), is a regular contributor to the official festival programme. This year she entered a documentary entitled “IN THE HOLY FIRE OF REVOLUTION” about Garry Kasparov whom many consider to be the greatest chess player of all time. The film also explored his more recent political activities in opposition to the administration of Vladimir Putin.

Masha kindly agreed to be interviewed for our blog on the last day of her Spanish course before flying back to Amsterdam (where she now lives).

Next week read her story exclusively in our blog!

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Maria & Seminci poster 1


Russian-born film director Masha Novikova tells us about the Seminci International Film Festival, her impressions of Valladolid and about her Spanish course at International House Valladolid Plaza Mayor.

Watch this space!