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Verb wheelI´m sure I´m not the only student learning Spanish that gets paralysed mid sentence whilst trying to work out the tense, person and ending of the verb I need to use. Add to this all the irregular and reflexive verbs and my brain is working overtime calculating the correct option.

The frustrating thing is we know the theory but when speaking under pressure without the luxury of time to reflect, we blurt out whatever comes into our head then kick ourselves afterwards as we remember what we SHOULD have said.

Well, help is at hand. There is no substitute for practice unfortunately but now we can provide a fun way for students to test each other. Each student receives a “Verb Wheel” in their Welcome Pack which spins round as a reminder of how to form the present, conditional, past and future forms of the most commonly used Spanish verbs.

We know the Spanish verbs are a challenge but we´ll ensure you have fun learning them and have a souvenir to take home to help you in the future.

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RetiredAt International House Valladolid and Santander we welcome students of any age. The great thing about learning a language when you are older is that you are probably doing it purely for pleasure, not just to succeed in business or pass exams. Many older people spend their retirement travelling or even buy a home abroad and for them learning a second language just makes these life experiences easier and more enjoyable.

Recent research has shown that age is not a major factor in language acquisition and, contrary to popular stereotypes, older adults can be good foreign language learners. In fact, adults learn languages more quickly than children in the early stages and their ability to communicate may be easier and more rapid than for a child.

The key to successful adult learning is really the programme. The material has to be relevant, motivating and paced appropriately and delivered by qualified, experienced teachers. Spanish programmes at International House Valladolid and Santander have been designed to present grammatical structures and vocabulary that will be of immediate use in a context which reflects the situations learners encounter when using the new language. Teachers also know how to help older learners overcome their anxieties about learning and can help build confidence.

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Love (Two red hearts)This week I´ve been looking at the reasons students give for taking our Spanish courses.

The main motivator for learning Spanish seems to be “for pleasure”. Students just simply love the Spanish language and culture. In second place comes “for work”, either back in the student´s home country or due to a relocation to Spain. In joint third comes “for tourism” and “for study”.

The reason I like best is “for love”. We get students from all over the world who have met and fallen in love with Spaniards. They take our classes because they want to be able to understand and communicate with their new partner´s family and friends and be better able to appreciate the country from which their loved one comes. A reason straight from the heart! They say 70% of communication is non-verbal. At least we can help with the other 30% for which you may need a little grammar and vocabulary!

If you would like to speak the language of love in Spanish or just improve your level, International House Valladolid offers general intensive Spanish courses all year round. For more information contact us at

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Semincity_pequeUs: Masha, how have you found this year´s Film Festival?

Masha: Things have been different this year because I have been combining Spanish classes at International House with the film screenings. I always aim to see at least 2 -3 films every day. It has been a challenge to attend my classes, see films, go back to the hotel to do my homework for the next day then shoot off to see to another film. I watch films until about midnight then I´m up the next day for a 9.30 Spanish class!

Us: How have you managed all that?

Masha: Lots of coffee!

Us: So why are you learning Spanish this year?

Masha: Well, my next film will be set in Spain, in a village, and I need to undertake some research for it because it focuses on the period around 1936. For my film to work, I need to be able to communicate with the people I meet in the area where I´m filming. I need to explain what I´m doing, build up trust and form relationships with people. I can´t do that effectively if I can´t speak any Spanish. I expect I´ll also have to write a few simple emails in Spanish too.

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