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La SEMINCI comenzó a mediados del siglo pasado como la Semana Internacional de Cine Religioso y desde 1973 mantiene su formato actual como festival de cine independiente y de autor.

The SEMINCI begun in the last century 50′s as the Religious International Film Festival and since 1973 keeps its current format as independet and/or author international film festival.

Este año se ha desarrollado del 22 al 29 de octubre y dentro de la sección oficial “Hasta la vista” del director Geoffrey Enthoven (Bélgica) ha recibido la Espiga de Oro. El premio “Miguel Delibes” al mejor guión ha sido para “Profesor Lazhar” de Philippe Falardeau (Canadá) mientras que el premio especial del jurado lo ha recibido la actriz española Maribel Verdú.

This year has been from October 22nd  to 29th. At the Offical Section the film “As you are” directed by Geottfrey Enthoven (Belgium) has been awarded with the Golden Spike. The best script “Miguel Delibes” award was for “Profesor Lazhar) from Philippe Falardeau (Canada) whereas the special jury price has gone to The spanish actress Maribel Verdú.

Estos son sólo datos sobre la SEMINCI que en esta edición ha tenido, aparte de la sección oficial otras tan interesantes como “Spanish cinema”, Novísimos: cine sueco del siglo XXI”, “punto de encuentro” o “tiempo de historia”.

This are just some facts about the SEMINCI, in this 56 edition it has contained apart from the Official section, others of great interest as “Spanish Cinema”, “Swedish Film is Here”, “Meeting Point” or “Time of history” among others.

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O puedes venir el próximo año, y vivirlo en primera persona.

Or you can come next year and live it yourself.

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DSCN1472Us: So, after an intensive week of classes do you think you will have enough Spanish for your next film project?

Masha: I feel far more confident now. Every day I have seen an improvement. The classes have been great and because I´m studying in Spain, I go straight out into the city and make an effort to practice the new things I´ve learnt. I´m really starting to understand the films in Spanish too, that was a real achievement.

Us: So what have you enjoyed about the classes here?

Masha: I have really benefitted from the way the teachers encourage you to speak in Spanish. I enjoy the small class size, you can´t hide the way you can in a class of 20 students! I just love being completely immersed in Spanish: hearing it, speaking it, reading it.

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Semincity_pequeUs: Masha, how have you found this year´s Film Festival?

Masha: Things have been different this year because I have been combining Spanish classes at International House with the film screenings. I always aim to see at least 2 -3 films every day. It has been a challenge to attend my classes, see films, go back to the hotel to do my homework for the next day then shoot off to see to another film. I watch films until about midnight then I´m up the next day for a 9.30 Spanish class!

Us: How have you managed all that?

Masha: Lots of coffee!

Us: So why are you learning Spanish this year?

Masha: Well, my next film will be set in Spain, in a village, and I need to undertake some research for it because it focuses on the period around 1936. For my film to work, I need to be able to communicate with the people I meet in the area where I´m filming. I need to explain what I´m doing, build up trust and form relationships with people. I can´t do that effectively if I can´t speak any Spanish. I expect I´ll also have to write a few simple emails in Spanish too.

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DSCN1472During the last week of October 2009, International House Valladolid welcomed Russian-born film director Masha Novikova into the academy.

Masha, a prize-winning veteran of the Valladolid International Film Festival (or “Seminci” as it is known), is a regular contributor to the official festival programme. This year she entered a documentary entitled “IN THE HOLY FIRE OF REVOLUTION” about Garry Kasparov whom many consider to be the greatest chess player of all time. The film also explored his more recent political activities in opposition to the administration of Vladimir Putin.

Masha kindly agreed to be interviewed for our blog on the last day of her Spanish course before flying back to Amsterdam (where she now lives).

Next week read her story exclusively in our blog!