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Love (Two red hearts)This week I´ve been looking at the reasons students give for taking our Spanish courses.

The main motivator for learning Spanish seems to be “for pleasure”. Students just simply love the Spanish language and culture. In second place comes “for work”, either back in the student´s home country or due to a relocation to Spain. In joint third comes “for tourism” and “for study”.

The reason I like best is “for love”. We get students from all over the world who have met and fallen in love with Spaniards. They take our classes because they want to be able to understand and communicate with their new partner´s family and friends and be better able to appreciate the country from which their loved one comes. A reason straight from the heart! They say 70% of communication is non-verbal. At least we can help with the other 30% for which you may need a little grammar and vocabulary!

If you would like to speak the language of love in Spanish or just improve your level, International House Valladolid offers general intensive Spanish courses all year round. For more information contact us at