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IMG_2562I thought my days of learning languages were over until I met my husband. Although he speaks fluent English and we met in England, it soon became apparent that if I was to share my life with him I would need to learn to speak Spanish to be able to communicate with his friends and family. For a couple of years I made half-hearted attempts to learn Spanish at night school thinking I had plenty of time to improve but then one year we made the decision to move to Spain.
My Spanish may have been adequate for the occasional holiday but it was nowhere near good enough to live and work in Spain. A couple of weeks after arriving I enrolled on an intensive general Spanish course at IH Valladolid. It was exactly what I needed, lots of opportunities to practice my spoken Spanish, consolidate what I had already picked up and start learning some new material. In just a month I made huge progress, particularly in my spoken Spanish which gave me the confidence to start living a more independent life in the country I now called home. Through the school I also made new contacts and some really good friends which is so important when you know absolutely no-one!
I´ve been here almost a year now and I know I have a lot more to learn. I still take private Spanish classes at IH which I fit around my job as although I have the benefit of living in Spain, I feel you need the help of a trained teacher to make rapid progress. IH Valladolid is like a second home to me now, the staff make you feel so welcome and have helped guide me through a year full of challenges and new discoveries!

Want to learn to speak Spanish too? Then contact us at and we´ll give you all the help you need.

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j0433140Next week to celebrate el día de San Valentín two students at International House Valladolid tell us their very own love stories.

Falling in love is a wonderful thing but how do you manage when you both speak different languages and come from different countries?

They say communication is 70% non-verbal but for the other 30% you really do need some basic grammar and vocabulary. Our tongue-tied students tell us how International House Valladolid helped them to speak the language of love in Spanish and whisper sweet nothings in a new language.

Not to be missed!!!!!

Learn Spanish at IH Valladolid and Santander. Contact us for more information at

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DSC01624When students come out with these phrases we know they´ve been completely immersed in the learning process, concentrating hard and absorbing Spanish.

Learning a language can be a very different experience back in the student´s home country. Turning up once a week for a class at night school, learning Spanish through the medium of the student´s first language, stopping for a few weeks for college holidays and then starting up again having forgotten much of what had been taught the term before. Sound familiar?

The advantage of learning Spanish in Spain is that you will be completely immersed in the language from the day you arrive until the day you fly home. All classes at International House Valladolid and Santander are conducted entirely in Spanish. Once you´ve left the classroom, you´ll be hearing, speaking and reading Spanish all day long in the real world in the streets, restaurants, shops, bars and buses. If you opt to stay with a local family you´ll be conversing in Spanish until the minute your head hits the pillow and starting again with your first morning cup of coffee. This is a more natural way of learning a language and ensures progress is rapid. Immersion in the language is known to bring about better results – even if your head hurts as a result!

What to know more? Contact us at for a copy of our latest course brochure, dates and fees.

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DSCN0889Many of our students come to Valladolid because it is a great base to explore other famous Spanish towns and cities. Madrid, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Leon and Burgos are all within easy travelling distance with excellent bus and train links from Valladolid.

Yogesh, one of our many Indian students, has been making the most of his time and planning excursions to different places every weekend. He kindly shared some of his photos with usDSCN1224

Yogesh hopes to become a Spanish teacher in the future and we are glad his time at International House will help him to achieve his ambition.
DSCN1247 If, like Yogesh, you would like to learn Spanish in Valladolid at International House, contact us at and we´ll send you more information.

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Semincity_pequeUs: Masha, how have you found this year´s Film Festival?

Masha: Things have been different this year because I have been combining Spanish classes at International House with the film screenings. I always aim to see at least 2 -3 films every day. It has been a challenge to attend my classes, see films, go back to the hotel to do my homework for the next day then shoot off to see to another film. I watch films until about midnight then I´m up the next day for a 9.30 Spanish class!

Us: How have you managed all that?

Masha: Lots of coffee!

Us: So why are you learning Spanish this year?

Masha: Well, my next film will be set in Spain, in a village, and I need to undertake some research for it because it focuses on the period around 1936. For my film to work, I need to be able to communicate with the people I meet in the area where I´m filming. I need to explain what I´m doing, build up trust and form relationships with people. I can´t do that effectively if I can´t speak any Spanish. I expect I´ll also have to write a few simple emails in Spanish too.

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